The DLF Spring Forum 2002 will be held in Chicago at the Wyndham Chicago on
May 10-12, 2002.

Presentations, panel discussions, and new “birds of a feather” discussions
will bring a variety of perspectives to bear on the development,
maintenance, and use digital libraries.

This forum will pay special attention to interoperability ­ what it is, why
it is significant for research libraries and their patrons, and how it may
be achieved. The topic will be approached from all its many technological,
organizational, definitional, political and other aspects.

Staff at DLF member institutions are invited to register for the Forum by
April 22, 2002.

They are also invited to submit proposals for papers and panel discussions
by March 22, 2002. Proposals dealing with any aspect of digital library
developed are welcome.

Papers and panel discussions that deal with interoperability are
particularly welcome.

As a new departure, the DLF will also offer to host a number of “birds of a
feather” discussions on topics that may be recommended by participants. Such
discussions may be used to foster inter-institutional collaborations, “cook
up” new DLF initiatives, make progress with DLF initiatives already
underway, or simply share experiences in some area.  Discussions will be
held at reserved tables during Saturday and Sunday breakfast and during
lunch on Saturday, and Those interested in hosting birds-of-a-feather
discussions are asked to register their interest by April 22, 2002.

Information about the forum including logistics of registration, paper
submission, etc is available from