Dear friends,

As you may know, the DLF is co-sponsoring the development of procedures for
assessing digital reference library services.

The work is being carried out by Charles McClure and David Lankes and is
nearingn completion. A summary of progress and some very interesting reports
are available from

In particular let me draw your attention to the Draft Guidelines and
Procedures for Assessing Digital Reference Library
Services which are now available at They come along with
instructions for field testing

The study's authors are very interested in working with anyone who is
interested in field testing some of the measures that are developed in the

Colleagues at Carnegie Mellon University I know are already signed up to
help, but I suspect this will interest other members of the DLF.

Anyone interested in field-testing portions of the manual should contact
Charles McClure at [log in to unmask] or Melissa Gross at
[log in to unmask]

Kind regards