Here at Tennessee we seem to be expanding the amount of digital data at an exponential rate. A TB of storage lasted about a year. We are buying another 1.3 TB, knowing it may only get us through another 6 months. And there is the corresponding need for our backup system to keep up with all of this storage. This email is a reality-check for us, if you could let us know the state of digital storage at your institution.
For digital projects, are master files (i.e. large high-res files) retained long-term for preservation purposes?
If so, are these files stored on disk, or written off to CD, DVD, tape?
Are you compressing these files ... using what?
What level of storage do you currently maintain, and what are the immediate plans for purchase?
thanks so much,
Bill Britten
Professor and Head, Library Systems
647 Hodges Library, UTK, Knoxville, TN 37996-1000
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