Call for Papers:
Digital Library Federation Spring Forum 2003

The Spring 2003 DLF Forum will take place Wednesday May 14-Friday May 16, 2003, at the Sheraton New York Hotel and Towers, 7th Avenue and 53rd Street, New York City. 

Information about registration and the Forum will be available soon at the DLF web site:


Information about past Forums can be found at:


Proposals for papers and panel discussions

Staff at DLF member institutions are invited to submit proposals for papers and panel discussions by dealing with any aspect of digital library development. Suggested areas of particular interest include the following:

            * Formats: digital audio and video: successes and challenges

            * Preservation: needs, progress, national policy

            * Production:  challenges, workflow, scale, sustainability

            * Tools: creation and delivery of digital library content

            * Commerce: the digital library as entreprenurial activity

            * Services: aggregating the commercially-available "data silos"

            * Teaching: courseware and the digital library in the classroom

Proposals for presentations should be brief (c.250 words) and supply a title and short abstract.

Proposals for panel discussions should supply a title for the panel discussion, briefly outline its purpose, and supply the panelists' names alongside titles and short descriptions for their respective contributions.

"Birds-of-a-feather" sessions can be made available if demand dictates -- these provide for informal discussion between interested parties on a specific topic.  Anyone attending the Forum is eligible to propose and organize a session.

Proposals for papers, panels, and Birds of a Feather sessions should be submitted to [log in to unmask] Please include the phrase "forum proposal" as the subject heading in your email.

Deadline for proposals:         Monday March 3
Selection made by:                 Monday March 17
Registration for attendance: Friday April 4


David Seaman

Director, Digital Library Federation

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