Please note the call for papers below for the Document Image Analysis for
Libraries workshop.  This workshop offers an opportunity for those of us
within the DL community that deal with scanned documents.  It's my hope
that the workshop raise awareness and interest within the document image
analysis community regarding digital library challenges and issues.


Sayeed Choudhury
Associate Director, Library Digital Programs
Hodson Director, Digital Knowledge Center
Milton S. Eisenhower Library
Johns Hopkins University
Baltimore, MD 21218
Email:  [log in to unmask]
Phone:  410-516-4930
Fax:    410-516-5170

          International Workshop on


              January 23-24, 2004
       Palo Alto Research Center (PARC)
               Palo Alto, CA, USA
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DIAL2004 will bring together Digital Library (DL) and Document Image
Analysis (DIA) researchers, practitioners, and users who are
interested in new technologies that assist the integration of imaged
documents within DLs so that, ideally, everything that can be done
with symbolically encoded data can also be done with scanned hardcopy
documents.  In an increasingly digital world, vast legacy (& modern)
collections of irreplaceable paper documents are threatened with
neglect and irrelevance unless difficult DIA tasks can be automated:
searching document images, presenting them legibly, navigating within
and among them, etc.  This workshop will attempt to describe the state
of the art and identify urgent open problems.  More broadly, the
workshop is designed to promote closer cooperation between the DIA
and DL communities in exploring fundamental capabilities that will
allow information systems to operate with equal effectiveness across
all media types and formats, including paper documents and other
human-legible but non-digital media, in multiple languages, and from
many historical periods.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

* Document Image Analysis (DIA) technology for Digital Libraries (DLs)
* Challenging DL open problems requiring new DIA research strategies
* End-user requirements for document images provided via DLs
* Case studies of DLs that serve document images well
* Imaging & compression standards for document preservation & analysis
* Automatic quality control during document image capture
* Content & metadata extraction, recognition, tagging, linking, etc
* Parallel tagging of images, transcripts, and other document layers
* Information extraction from images of tables, graphs, math, etc
* Searching/querying, retrieval, summarizing/condensing of doc images
* Presentation & legibility of document images on GUIs, eBooks, PDAs
* On-line & web-based navigation within/among document images
* Personal & interactive DLs:  e.g. capture, correction, reading
* Historical/archival DIA; original-medium quality challenges
* Inter- & multi-national DLs:  e.g. languages, scripts, translations
* Guaranteeing authenticity of document images; rights management
* Citation and editorial control of image-based data
* File formats & representations for document images & analysis results
* Multimedia document analysis, including audio & video
* Proposals for DIA/DL database collection, truthing, & benchmarking
* Government DL projects (e.g. The Newton Project, American Memory)
* Critical surveys of the state of the art of DLs & DIA

   Henry BAIRD  Palo Alto Research Center (USA)
   Venu GOVINDARAJU  Univ. at Buffalo, NY (USA)

Advisory Board
   Jun ADACHI  National Inst. of Informatics (Japan)
   N. BALAKRISHNAN  Indian Inst. of Science (India)
   Xiaoqing DING  Tsinghua Univ. (P. R. China)
   Andy DOWNTON  Univ. of Essex (U.K.)
   Stephen GRIFFIN  National Science Foundation (USA)
   Michael LESK  Rutgers Univ. (USA)
   Robert WILENSKY  Univ. of California at Berkeley (USA)

Program Committee
   Frederic BAPST  Ecole d'Ingenieurs, Fribourg (Switzerland)
   Elisa H. BARNEY SMITH  Boise State Univ. (USA)
   Sayeed CHOUDHURY  Johns Hopkins Univ. (USA)
   Andreas DENGEL  DFKI, Kaiserslautern (Germany)
   Richard FATEMAN  Univ. of California at Berkeley (USA)
   Hiromichi FUJISAWA  Hitachi CRL (Japan)
   Gunter HILLE  Projekt Gutenberg-DE (Germany)
   Jonathan HULL  Ricoh Innovations, Inc. (USA)
   Rob ILIFFE  Imperial College, London (UK)
   Koichi KISE  Osaka Prefecture Univ. (Japan)
   Frank LE BOURGEOIS  INSA, Lyon (France)
   Daniel LOPRESTI  Lehigh Univ. (USA)
   R. MANMATHA  Univ. of Massachusetts, Amherst (USA)
   Simone MARINAI  Univ. of Florence (Italy)
   Larry MASINTER  Adobe Systems (USA)
   Erich NEUHOLD  Fraunhofer IPSI & Darmstadt Univ. (Germany)
   Umapada PAL  Indian Statistical Inst., Kolkata (India)
   Kris POPAT  Palo Alto Research Center (USA)
   Alan SMEATON   Dublin City Univ. (Ireland)
   Larry SPITZ  DocRec Ltd. (New Zealand)
   Sargur SRIHARI  Univ. at Buffalo, NY (USA)
   Chew Lim TAN  National Univ. of Singapore (Singapore)
   George THOMA  National Library of Medicine (USA)

Workshop format:
   Two days:  Friday & Saturday.  Podium presentations, keynote
talks, panel discussions, & breakout working groups.  Single track
(except working groups).  100% participation, i.e. every attendee
will give a presentation.  On-site printed Proceedings.  Post-
Proceedings book and/or journal special issue.  Breakfasts, lunches,
& Friday-evening banquet.
   Starts immediately following the SPIE/IS&T 16th International
Symposium on Electronic Imaging:  Science & Technology, Jan. 18-22,, San Jose, CA (25 minutes'
drive south of Palo Alto).  Note:  the Document Recognition &
Retrieval (DR&R) Conf. (Jan. 21-22) is one of many events included
in the SPIE/IS&T Symposium.

We invite two classes of submissions:

   1. Regular Paper  (for researchers, professional practitioners)
         up to 30 pages, refereed, published, long presentation
         Deadlines for regular papers:
            October 15   Submission
            November 20  Acceptance
            December 20  Camera-ready copy

   2. Abstract of Remarks  (for businesses, end-users, students)
         1-5 pages, not refereed, unpublished, brief presentation
         Deadlines for abstracts of remarks:
            December 1   Submission
            December 15  Acceptance

Inquiries:   [log in to unmask]
   CEDAR, Univ. at Buffalo, 520 Lee Entrance, #202, Amherst, NY 14228
Venue:  PARC, 3333 Coyote Hill Road, Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA

(DIAL2004 CFP 18JUL2003)