Dear all -- the following event, in April 2004, follows on immediately
from the DLF Spring 2004 Forum in New Orleans (April 19-21), making it
possible to leave one and go directly to the other.


       Call for Papers: IS&T Archiving Conference 2004

                   April 20-23, 2004
                 Hyatt Regency Hotel
                San Antonio, TX, USA

 Sponsored by the Society for Imaging Science and Technology

 In cooperation with

     CNI - Coalition for Networked Information
     DLF - Digital Library Federation
     OCLC - Online Computer Library Center, Inc.
     RLG - Research Libraries Group
     SPIE - International Society for Optical Engineering
     TAGA - Technical Association of the Graphic Arts

How will we recover our images and documents a year, a decade, a
generation or a century from now? How we will store and preserve
documents now so as to enable future access? How can we retrieve,
recover and restore materials of personal and cultural significance?

The Archiving Conference 2004 will address the complex and widely
varying topics in the field of archiving by bringing together technical
experts *both* from industry and from cultural institutions (libraries,
archives and museums) engaged in long-term preservation. The goals are
to benchmark or critique systems that might be in place to preserve our
digital and hardcopy information, as well as to identify those areas
where systems and technology are not yet up to the task, and further
research is of high priority.

The conference will include invited presentations by recognized experts
with extensive experience in this field, refereed papers, and a series
of tutorials to cover the technical basics of archiving. Special keynote
presentations are planned, including ones by Gordon Bell of Microsoft
Research on his MyLifeBits research, and Clifford Lynch, Executive
Director of the Coalition for Networked Information (CNI).

Prospective authors are invited to submit original papers for
presentation in any of the technical areas listed below. 750-1000 word
abstracts are due October 15, 2003. If you wish to submit a paper,
please use the web-based form and process described at

  Digital Image Archiving
  -  Standards for digital formats, color spaces, compression
  -  Indexing and searching
  -  Saving digital data to physical media

  Archiving Conventional Media
  -  Standards for paper manufacturing
  -  Archival inks
  -  Photographic archives, including micro-formats
  -  Storage requirements
  -  Indexing and retrieval

  Digitization for Archiving
  -  High speed scanning
  -  High quality scanning
  -  OCR, indexing and retrieval

  Obsolescence of Digital Media
  -  Software and hardware obsolescence
  -  Longevity of digital media
  -  Cost of media rollover

  Accessing Electronic Archives
  -  Indexing and searching methods
  -  Web portals
  -  Content and digital asset management

  Emerging Digital Standards
  -  PDF/A
  -  JPEG 2000
  -  MPEG
  -  Security and watermarking
  -  Digital rights management
  -  eBooks

  Case Studies
  -  Digital Archives
  -  Long-term archives
  -  Museum collections
  -  Libraries
  -  Film archives
  -  Medical records

  Personal Photo Archives
  -  Personal digital archives
  -  Saving pictures for a lifetime
  -  Indexing and organizing
  -  Digital versus paper

 A full program of tutorials is scheduled for Tuesday, April 20, 2004.
 Proposals for tutorial classes are invited; send your proposals to Bob
 Breslawski, the Conference Tutorials Chair, at
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 General Conference Chairs
 Franziska Frey, Rochester Institute of Technology,
[log in to unmask]
 Robert Buckley, Xerox Corporation, [log in to unmask]

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