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                      CALL FOR PAPERS

        The Journal of Digital Libraries  (Springer)

                 Special Issue on Digital Museum

Museums play an important role in collecting, organizing, conserving,
exhibiting the cultural and artistic heritage of the world. With the
development of digital museums, the museum collections may now be
and disseminated in digital form using new media and networked channels.
This presents powerful opportunities to overcome the geographical or
logistical obstacles that hinder people from visiting the physical sites
museums. If we consider the fact that museums normally have not more
than 5%
of their holdings in their exhibitions, it offers for the first time the
possibility to make the total of knowledge kept in museums available to
research and the interested public. Since cultural information obtains
of its relevance from thorough understanding of wider contexts and the
variances of analogous phenomena in different environments, digital
also open the vision to be able to research relevant information spread
a multitude of disparate information sources.

With the objective to enable people to explore the collections for
inspiration, learning, and enjoyment, digital museums particular
the mechanisms to balance the interests of documentation, education and
entertainment. From this perspective, the on-going convergence of
libraries and digital museums into integrated information spaces seems
to be
only at its beginning. Many issues, including intellectual,
legal, economic, organizational, and design concerns from the
perspective of
museum's applications, need to be explored.

Recognizing the importance of the research in digital museum issues, The
Journal of Digital Libraries is organizing a special issue on Digital
Museum. The primary focus of this special issue will be on high-quality
original unpublished research, case studies, as well as implementation
experiences in the areas pertaining the issues in digital museums.

Topics of interest include but are not limited to:

  * Information integration and knowledge environments
  * Information access, dissemination, and use
  * Identification of cultural objects in digital resources and
  * Data models, metadata models, ontologies for cultural heritage
  * Multimedia techniques for representation, presentation and display
  * Digitalization and annotation of real world artifacts
  * Case studies, experiences, trials, and evaluations of digital museum

Submissions are invited from researchers and professionals examining and
applying information technologies to cultural heritage, including policy
makers, humanities scholars, archivists, information specialists,
publishers, museum curators, and educators.

--Instructions for submitting manuscripts:
Manuscripts must be written in English and should include a cover page
title, name and address (including e-mail address) of author(s), an
abstract, and a list of identifying keywords. Please indicate that you
submitting to the special issue on Digital Museum. Manuscripts must be
submitted via the web site

--Important Dates:
  December 31, 2003   Due date for submission of manuscripts
  March 1, 2004       Notification of acceptance/rejection
  May  1, 2004        Due date for final version
  September 2004      Tentative date for publication of the Special

Editors of the Special Issue:
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About the Journal:
The aim of JDL is to advance the theory and practice of acquisition,
definition, organization, management and dissemination of digital
information via global networking. In particular, the journal will
technical issues in digital information production, management and use,
 issues in high-speed networks and connectivity, inter-operability, and
seamless integration of information, people, profiles, tasks and needs,
security and privacy of individuals and business transactions and
business processes in the Information Age. More information about the
journal can be found at

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 Dr. Nabil R. Adam, Rutgers University

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 Dr. Richard Furuta, Editor- in -Chief, Texas A&M university

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 Laszlo Kovacs, MTA SZTAKI.
 Gary Marchionini, U. of NC
 Carol Ann Peters, Ist. Elaborazione
 Seamus Ross, U. of Glasgow
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