Dear Friends,


The pace is quickening.  A major new chapter in the Digital Promise saga is starting.


The Report to Congress authorized in PL 108-7, Creating the Digital Opportunity Investment Trust (DO IT), A Proposal to Transform Learning and Training for the 21st Century, has been finished and will be released to all members of Congress on Thursday, October 23rd.  The Report provides a recommended Structure and Governance for DO IT, a detailed Rationale, and an extensive R&D Roadmap.


At a luncheon in the Capitol on that date, Sen. Christopher Dodd (D-CT) and Rep. Ralph Regula (R-OH) will receive the Report on behalf of the Congress.  Sen. Dodd will announce plans to introduce implementing legislation. Rep. Regula will discuss his efforts to obtain Congressional support for developing a realistic prototype that would be designed to train local emergency responders to deal with a simulated, virtually real major crisis. In addition, with Microsoft’s help, a brief video will demonstrate several dramatic examples of how advanced information technology can work to transform education, lifelong learning, and skills training. 


Other Members of the House and Senate will join their colleagues and Digital Promise Coalition leaders, key Congressional staff members, and other guests at the luncheon, presided over by co-chairmen Newt Minow and Larry Grossman.


The Report to Congress represents thousands of hours of dedicated effort by some of America’s best minds and most accomplished and celebrated scientists and experts who, without compensation, have contributed to its recommendations and conclusions.  We are grateful for their service, and for the Congress’ foresight in authorizing this Report.


Please find our autumn newsletter attached to this email.


Best regards,


Lawrence K. Grossman and Newton N. Minow,



Anne G. Murphy,

Project Director