> To what degree do y'all think computer programming should be skill aspects
> of librarianship?

I want to say very little, that will make it easier for me to find a new
job! But, I suppose, that's selfish...
I'd say it's way more important that most librarian's think. If more of us
were geeks, and programmers, we wouldn't put up with so much BS we get
from vendors, we'd have more open source projects, and we'd have better
web sites, and so on... It just seems like the profession would be better
off in general with more programmers in our midst.

> Why is it then that more librarians do not know how to create computer
> software?

Demographics? Aren't most librarians "old" now? It's up to us damn kids to
change that, maybe now that there are more of us youngins around we'll
start to change the numbers somewhat?

I for one owe every one of my jobs to my geek skills, I have no idea what
I'd be doing if it was 20 or 30 years ago.

The LISNews guy