To what degree do y'all think computer programming should be skill aspects
of librarianship?

Since the charter of this mailing lists states it purpose as " provide
a forum for discussion of computer programming in the area of libraries and
information science...", and since the code4lib mailing list now includes
about seventy-five (75) subscribers, I thought I try to get things started.

Computers are great tools for storing vast amounts of data/information.
Combined with a network, computers are also great tools for
sharing/communicating this information with other computers, and therefore

Librarianship is (partially) about collecting, organizing, archiving,
disseminating, and sometimes evaluating data/information/knowledge. These
processes seem very similar to the sorts of processes computers can

Why is it then that more librarians do not know how to create computer

Eric Lease Morgan
Head, Digital Access and Information Architecture Department
University Libraries of Notre Dame

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