Eric wrote:

> To what degree do y'all think computer programming should be aspects
> of librarianship?

First of all, I am encouraged by the thoughtful discussion that has already
taken place. This is great. Second, I suppose I ought to attempt to answer
my own question.

The consensus of the group seem to be that programming skills are
extraordinarily beneficial in libraries as institutions, but not necessary
skills for individual librarians. If this is the case, then I concur, but of
course we are all talking to the choir here.

I think it is sort of funny how we, the people in the profession, are all
looking at the proverbial elephant. If you talk to catalogers you hear
things like, "Cataloging is the root of librarianship." If you talk to
reference folks, then you will here, "Libraries are all about service." In
research libraries you hear the bibliographers say that "Great libraries are
defined by great collections." Now we come along and talk about data and

It is important for all of us, everybody who works in libraries, to have a
balanced perspective. We all need to remember to take off our blinders every
once in a while, look around, and realize that library functions are
intended to be synergistic. None of these processes exists as an process
unto itself. "No man is an island."

Eric Lease Morgan
University Libraries of Notre Dame