A Miscellany of News:

1) DLF Spring Forum online registration now open
2) Cornell Digital Preservation Tutorial
3) December DigiCULT magazine
4) Digital Opportunity Investment Trust
5) ECDL 2004



1) DLF Spring Forum

Online registration now open at

2) Cornell Digital Preservation Tutorial

Just before the holiday break, our colleagues at Cornell mounted a splendid
and good-looking online tutorial for digital preservation management:

3) DIGICULT: Issue 6 - A Newsletter on Digital Culture December 2003, ISSN
1609-3941 (cover page attached)

A significant set of updates, mostly on European, Australian, and New
Zealand digital activity.

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Various progress from the DOIT folks, whose activities we endorsed as an
organization last year.  See their latest newsletter for more information at

* In November, Senators Chris Dodd (D. CT), Olympia Snowe (R. ME), and
Richard Durbin (D. IL) introduced the Digital Opportunity Investment Trust
Act (bill S. 1854 -- attached).

* Early in 2003, the Federation of American Scientists received DOIT's first
federal appropriation. Introduced by Rep. Ralph Regula (R.OH), the $750,000
appropriation to FAS supported the production of an ambitious "Report to
Congress" detailing DOIT's structure and governance, its rationale, and a
learning research and development roadmap.  Presented to Congress this fall,
the Report provided the underpinning for S. 1854.


5) European Conference on Digital Libraries (ECDL) 2004
September 12-17 2004
University of Bath, UK

ECDL has become the major European forum focusing on digital libraries and
associated technical, organizational and social issues.