Hi folks,

I've recently acquired a new server running the YAZ module for PHP, which
means I finally have a platform from which to experiment with developing
apps using Z39.50. Trouble is, i haven't got the first clue where to learn
about how z39.50 works. Can anyone recommend a good book, website,
pile-o-code, etc?

The chief project that I have in mind is to:
1) take the list of call numbers of books we've had to borrow from other
libraries in our consortium (ohiolink)
2) call up the consortial (III) catalog and ask for the titles & subjects
of the books using the call numbers so we can find out what areas may
represent holes in our collection.
(note to thomas dowling, if you're out there: i *will* call you before I do
this; i promise not overwhelm the server ;)

There are some similar collection-development questions for our local
catalog I'd like to ask as well.

Anyway, if anyone can tell me where to start learning about z39.50, and
maybe share some of the exceptionally cool things you've done with it, I'd
appreciate it.


Ken Irwin                                               [log in to unmask]
Reference/Electronic Resources Librarian        (937) 327-7594
Thomas Library, Wittenberg University