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We are pleased to announce that documents generated by the RLG initiative
"Automatic Exposure - Technical Metadata for Digital Still Images" are now
available online at

On this wepage, you will find:
* The Automatic Exposure white paper - A position paper outlining the why's
and how's of capturing technical metadata
* Minutes from the first Automatic Exposure meeting, including a
presentation by Gunar Penakis (Adobe Systems Inc.)

Automatic Exposure, an RLG-led initiative, seeks to minimize the cost of
technical metadata acquisition and maximize the cultural heritage
community's ability to ensure long-term access to digital assets. The
project pursues a two-fold inquiry: it engages manufacturers of high-end
scanners and digital cameras in a dialog about how their products can
automatically capture technical metadata and make it available for transfer
into digital repositories and asset management systems. Furthermore, it
identifies existing or emerging technologies for harvesting technical
metadata developed at individual institutions or by the industry, and
explores how those tools could be leveraged to serve the entire community.
The goal of the initiative is to lower the barrier for institutions to
capture the data elements proposed by NISO Z39.87-2002 (AIIM 20-2002):
Technical Metadata for Digital Still Images [Draft Standard for Trial Use].
For more information on NISO Z39.87, please see NISO Z39.87
defines a standard, comprehensive set of data elements key to an
institution's ability to manage and preserve its digital images.

If you have any questions or comments about this initiative or  the
documents, please contact Robin Dale ([log in to unmask]) or GŁnter
Waibel ([log in to unmask]).


GŁnter and Robin


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