To paraphrase the Famous Bard, "To code or not to code. That is the
question." I'm curious, when a computing problem presents itself, how
do you decide to write a computer program to resolve the problem or

I suspect the answer deserves many considerations. For example, do you
have the time to code? Will the time spent actually result in a
solution? Is the problem big enough to really worry about and therefore
is the solution worth the time? To what degree is a solution dictated
by the existing computing environment? If the solution must be written
in Fortran, then solutions may be far off, but if solutions can be
written in any language, then there are more options available.

At the risk of starting a religious war, we might also ask ourselves,
how do you decide what programming language(s) to use to solve a
computing problem. Again, there are many considerations including
experience, operating systems, degrees of support in your community.

So, 2 code || ~2 code, and if code, then what code?  :-)

Eric Morgan
University Libraries of Notre Dame