On Thu, May 13, 2004 at 12:51:40PM -0500, Eric Lease Morgan wrote:
> The real advantage of exporting XML is that once you have the data you
> could provide services against the data that aren't necessarily
> supported by your ILS.

I'm straying far off this thread now.  Most ILS vendors will allow you to
export data in a archaic format known as MARC; and there are a few opensource
toolsets for working with this data format which will empower you to do all of
these things and more...including translating it into XML (for no $$).

I like XML, but as Sam Ruby says: "It's just data".


This was on my mind because the MARC-XML package on CPAN was just
updated to allow encoding/decoding MARC::Record objects as XML using
LCs MARC21slim schema.