On Wed, 2004-06-23 at 11:42, Kenneth R. Irwin wrote:

> Is there a way to use Dreamweaver or similar programs to work nicely with a
> lot of scripts, or is it just futile to try? I have always pretty much
> relied on raw, hand-coded web pages, and could well continue to do so, but
> sometimes it seems like making someone else do the heavy lifting could be
> nice...

Hi, Kenneth.

If you're using the newest version of DW, you should be able to use the
"code" interface instead of the WYSIWIG interface. Poke around in the
preferences menu.

When I'm working with Windows, I typically use HomeSite, also by
Allaire, to generate code for PHP pages.  It presents a clean front end
with a really nice built in FTP client which makes it incredibly easy to
manipulate code on a remote server, then check the results in a separate
browser.  In general, I find that it's pointless to use a WYSIWIG editor
unless I'm doing straight HTML.  Even then, I don't like it.

In Linux, which is where I usually am, I use BlueFish or just plain Vi
to edit my web pages.

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