Matt, and others,

We have a web site up at

This site has additional information about DPubS, and we will be adding
more in the coming weeks. We will also create a listserv shortly, for
updates and announcements.

If you're not finding what you need, please contact me.

Thanks for your interest!


David Ruddy
Head of Systems Development and Production,
    Electronic Publishing
Cornell University Library

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At 01:18 PM 8/25/2004 -0400, you wrote:
>Yo, David.
>Say I wanted to know more about how DPubS works, what it does and does not
>do.  Where should I read?
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>On Aug 25, 2004, at 12:32 PM, David Ruddy wrote:
>>For Release: August 24, 2004
>>Contact:  Sarah E. Thomas, Cornell University Librarian,
>><[log in to unmask]>, (607) 255-3689; or
>>Thomas Hickerson, Assoc. Univ. Librarian for Information Technologies and
>>Special Collections, <[log in to unmask]>, (607) 255-9965
>>Cornell Library to Distribute its Open Source Electronic Publishing System
>>Ithaca, NY -- Cornell University Library is developing an open source
>>publication management system that will provide authors and publishers
>>with a more affordable way to publish scholarly research on the Web. In
>>making its DPubS software available to libraries, university presses, and
>>other independent publishers, Cornell will expand opportunities for
>>creative communication among scholars around the world.
>>Cornell has received a $670,000 grant from The Andrew W. Mellon
>>Foundation to enhance and extend its innovative electronic publishing
>>software called DPubS (Digital Publishing System). "DPubS will offer
>>libraries, university presses, and others the capability to publish open
>>access or subscription-based journals more cost effectively. It should be
>>a terrific catalyst for change in scholarly publishing," said Sarah
>>Thomas, Cornell University Librarian.
>>To read the entire release, go to: