Yo, David.

Say I wanted to know more about how DPubS works, what it does and does 
not do.  Where should I read?



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On Aug 25, 2004, at 12:32 PM, David Ruddy wrote:

> For Release: August 24, 2004
>  Contact:  Sarah E. Thomas, Cornell University Librarian, 
> <[log in to unmask]>, (607) 255-3689; or
>  Thomas Hickerson, Assoc. Univ. Librarian for Information Technologies 
> and Special Collections, <[log in to unmask]>, (607) 255-9965
> Cornell Library to Distribute its Open Source Electronic Publishing 
> System
> Ithaca, NY -- Cornell University Library is developing an open source 
> publication management system that will provide authors and publishers 
> with a more affordable way to publish scholarly research on the Web. 
> In making its DPubS software available to libraries, university 
> presses, and other independent publishers, Cornell will expand 
> opportunities for creative communication among scholars around the 
> world.
>  Cornell has received a $670,000 grant from The Andrew W. Mellon 
> Foundation to enhance and extend its innovative electronic publishing 
> software called DPubS (Digital Publishing System). "DPubS will offer 
> libraries, university presses, and others the capability to publish 
> open access or subscription-based journals more cost effectively. It 
> should be a terrific catalyst for change in scholarly publishing," 
> said Sarah Thomas, Cornell University Librarian.
> To read the entire release, go to: