Due to the recent Lawsuit against Microsoft,
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This link is to IE View. What it does: Adds "View page in Internet Explorer"
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IE, loading up IE-only pages when you run across them in Mozilla, etc.

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>I've been a Mozilla and more recently Firefox user for a long time, but
>only recently noticed the availability of extensions. (I know :") )  I'm
>really excited by the extensibility, but cautious about the tie-in to a
>single browser development environment.  I know Microsoft ignores this
>all the time, and unfortunately I'm finding more and more sites that
>seem to *require* IE to use.  My question is, even though the underlying
>XML is "open" and "standard", doesn't the use of XUL lead to the same
>sort of "lock out" for users of typical "public" services, such as
>libraries who frequently have no choice (or even knowledge) of which
>browser to use?
>Is there anything that can be done, or has been done, to take these
>great extensions, and the tools to create them and make them coexist
>with or "embrace and extend" the IE universe?

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