IT position on the Digital Library Research & Prototyping Team of the
Research Library of the Los Alamos National Laboratory

The Research Library's Library Without Walls project is looking for a
technical staff member to assist in programming and supporting our
digital library research, prototyping, and development efforts. The
purpose of the Library Without Walls (LWW) project is to enhance
scientific research productivity through enabling digital library
technologies, which integrate user applications and digital content.
Current projects focus on increasing the richness of the scientific
literature available to LANL scientists as well as the means in which
that literature can be used in a collaborative research process. The
successful candidate will have a mix of assignments within the Digital
Library Research and Prototyping team. That team focuses on assimilating
cutting-edge concepts from information science, computer science,
digital library research, as well as web research and experience, and
using those concepts to define and build digital library prototype
components for evaluation and eventual implementation. The team is
involved in high-profile research projects. Specifically, the successful
software engineer will work collaboratively with the team leader and
in the following areas:

*Design and develop tools for ingesting, storing, managing, and
accessing scholarly digital assets into the LANL Repository;

*Design and develop tools for disseminating various representations of
scholarly assets stored in the LANL Repository;

*Design and develop capabilities to facilitate a deeper integration of
scholarly assets stored in the LANL repository into the research
process, including tools that support personalized access to and
interaction with assets;

*Design and develop tools that support collaborative research, and in
which the scholarly assets stored in the LANL Repository are integrated;

*Other work areas will be assigned as appropriate.

Required Skills:

*Significant programming experience in JAVA and at least one other of
following languages: C, C++, Perl, XSLT;

*Significant experience in building XML-based applications and in using
tools; *Significant experience working with and developing on Linux

*Understanding of and experience in developing software based on W3C
standards such as XML Schema, SOAP, DOM, XPath, XPointer and associated

*Understanding of and experience in developing software based on other
standards relevant to the work of the team: HTTP, CVS;

*Understanding of and experience in developing relational database
applications (Oracle and/or MySQL);

*Demonstrated ability to work collaboratively with a team leader and
with members of a technical team in achieving common goals;

*Demonstrated ability to work autonomously in the realm of discovering,
exploring, and assimilating technical information, and in analyzing
problems, proposing and implementing solutions;

*Demonstrated effective communication skills, both verbal and written.

Desired Skills:

*Understanding of and experience in developing software based on other
standards relevant to the work of the team: RDF, DOI, handle, MPEG-21


M.S. degree in computer science, mathematics, information science, or
physics and relevant high-level experience in programming and web system
design, or equivalent combination of education and experience.


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