Dear all: as those of you at the recent Fall Forum would have heard, DLF’s Program Associate Amy Harbur is heading back to a program position with CLIR, having left DLF in much better shape than she found it.   She’ll be greatly missed on our little staff, but will remain an active participant in DLF forums and meetings, I am sure, and those of us at DLF Central will still see plenty of her in the corridors at CLIR.


I’m very pleased to say that our own Barrie Howard has been promoted to DLF Program Associate, after a formal search and interview process.  Barrie has a fresh-minted Master's of Library and Information Science degree from The Catholic University of America and has already started in on his program duties -- as I write this he is on his way back from a Visual Resources Association meeting at the Getty in LA, a follow-up to the DLF, Getty, and Mellon sponsored "Cataloguing Cultural Objects -- A Guide to Describing Cultural Works and their Images" <>.


And starting yesterday, and already off to a flying start, is our new DLF Administrative Associate -- Christie Hartmann <[log in to unmask]>.  Christie is a recent graduate of Dickinson College, Pennsylvania (BA, Archaeology), with administrative and office assistant experience from part-time jobs during college,  strong computer and web skills, an interest in museum studies, and a rich lineage of librarians in her family (mother, grandmother, aunt).


I'm delighted that the staff transition has been smooth and without any vacant periods in either of the jobs, and I am excited about our new configuration.  Special thanks to Amy and to CLIR for arranging her transition to ensure that there were new DLF staff members in place before she moved on.


Best wishes,