The Emilda Project ( has released a sub-package,
named PHP-MARC, for MARC handling natively in PHP. It can be found in
the files list on the Emilda Project page on
This package is very similar to the Perl package MARC::Record, and most
MARC parsing rules have been looked up in MARC::Record.

The reason for releasing PHP-MARC as a separate package, even though it
is part of the Emilda Project, is to allow non-Emilda users to benefit
from this package, and pssibly even assist in development. Thus I would
thoroughly appreciate comments from anyone regarding the performance or
functionality of this package. I personally do not have all the time
needed to test all possible scenarios that this package might be used
in, and there some help would be needed.

When benchmarking PHP-MARC, it appeared to be almost identical in
performance compared to MARC::Record, and should also serve the same set
of functions (excluding the Lint part).

Hopefully someone else will also benefit from native MARC management
within PHP.


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