There's a new planet in town:

"planet"s are RSS aggregators that sort weblog entries chronologically;
typically they are organized around a particular topic, such as "planet
python" or "planet GNOME" [2].  This here "planet code4lib"
(unsurprisingly) collects from weblogs written by the kind of people who
might be caught hanging out here on code4lib-the-list or in #code4lib on

If you or someone you know might be a code4lib type with a weblog in which
you write primarily about code4libbish things, send me url and I'll add
your feed.  [Or, if your feed is already in there and you don't want it
there, let me know that too.  (But, then, why'd you make your weblog
public? :) ] We also have a feed from the unalog user group "code4lib", so
all here are invited to join that and post links there.

Note that planet code4lib is not about general library stuff - for that
the excellent lisfeeds [3] is already available.  If you don't code for
libs (or live for code!) then your weblog's probably not a good fit here.

This planet is being brought to you by the aptly named planet [4].

Regards, -dchud