> No, that's the part that is likely to vary among systems. Using CUFTS
> would give us at least an openly available source of IDs, with broad
> coverage - son-of-JAKE. Those of us who are committed to proprietary
> systems like SFX would have to work out linkages from the CUFTS id for a
> given resource to the SFX id.

i'm working on something currently that would benefit greatly from
this....would the CUFTS folks be willing to share their internal IDs
right now?  are they even suitable for use outside of CUFTS?  are you
simply using some control number in your vendor table?

anyway, i can get by using my own IDs, but was just wondering if I could
begin this project with at least SOME interoperability from the

(and sorry if i've duplicated previous posts....been only passively
monitoring most of my lists lately...a bit busy...)

miami university
oxford, oh