This is a want-ad for a short-term Perl programmer. Please share it as
you see fit.

Short-term Perl programmer

The University Libraries of Notre Dame Libraries is seeking an expert
Perl programmer to work on a short-term project for a professional

Description: The Libraries is involved in a national research and
development activity. One of the activity's goals is to enhance an
information retrieval system with a Find More Like This One feature.
This feature will:

1. Allow users to identify a desirable record from a list of search

2. Select characteristics from the record the user deems significant

3. Return those characteristics back to the system

4. The system will then use things like locally created dictionaries,
WordNet, and/or other semantic tools to return additional searches to
be applied against other internal or external indexes

Requirements: The successful candidate must have exceptional skills in
reading and writing object oriented Perl programs in a Unix/Linux
environment. The position requires the candidate to be able document
their code with comments as well as in the form of PODs. The positon
requires the candidate to be able to work in a collaborative
environment. Thus, the candidate must posess well-developed
communication skills.

Highly desireable: Applicants who demonstrate an understanding of
relational database techniques, XML and Web Services, academia, as well
as the principles of open source software will be given preference.

Work environment: The University Libraries is located in Notre Dame, IN
(just outside South Bend) about ninety miles east of Chicago. Because
of the location, telecommuting is possible, but regular weekly site
visits are necessary.

Start date: Immmediately

End date: No later than August 31, 2005

Salary: Starting at $24/hour and negotiable depending on
qualifications, experience, and flexibility

Application: Send cover letters, resumes, and questions to Eric Lease
Morgan ([log in to unmask]). All inquires will be

Eric Lease Morgan
Head, Digital Access and Information Architecture Department
University Libraries of Notre Dame

(574) 631-8604