For over a year I've been hacking at a little tool called "unalog".  You
can see it and try it at:

I'm writing to invite you all to take it for a spin.

unalog is an easy way to share information about what you're reading
with other folks.  If you've seen or furl, it's kind of like
those, plus some features, minus several others.  As I understand it
(based on discussions with the folks who started those other two
services) all three developed independently, at first.  Furl and
delicious were both better and cooler first, so many folks gravitated
toward them, which is itself cool because now we don't need big iron to
run :)

That said, there are a few reasons you might like unalog.  First, it's
free-as-in-speech, with an OSI-copasetic license, so you can have it and
run it where you are or send patches or just poke at the source and
laugh at all my silly variable_naming_conventions or whatever.  Second,
it does some nifty things with groups and privacy... you can have a
bunch of stuff that's public, and everybody can see it, and other stuff
that's private, so only you can see it.  And, you can set up groups that
are public or private, so stuff in the private groups can only be seen
by other people in the group.  i.e., your boss can use it too.

Third, it's being run by Shushy Librarians (sm), and we have Nefarious
Plans (tm) to add wonky metadata trickery like authority control for
keyword tagging in the near future.  So that'll be cool.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, there aren't many users yet, but
the regulars already there are just the kind of people who would be
hanging out on a list like this.  So, it makes for a fascinating daily
read, kind of like that librarian in your old local public library
branch who knew that you always wanted to know when there was a new
mahavishnu orchestra record or whatever, except that in this case, it's,
um, well, librarians, who, like you, also want to know whenever there
are cool new java-xml binding tools or whatever.  And, we even have an
rssbot that feeds entries tagged to the group "code4lib" into the
#code4lib irc channel, which is kinda fun.  Its content is in no way
limited to code4libby things, though... you can put just about whatever
you want into it.

Brief tech specs: written in python, zodb (object database) backend,
quixote/ptl web frontend, pylucene-based search interface.  So if you're
interested in any of that, well, there you go.

So, do consider giving it a try.  If you like it, tell your friends.  If
you have complaints/suggestions, use the feedback form, or even better,
join the unalog-general mail list and speak up.  If you want to install
it where you are, send email or jump into #code4lib and let me know.

Thanks, -Dan