I'd find something like this really useful for a couple of projects I'm
working on.

I think the dbID:vendorID format could work quite well, as it preserves
both the fact that the content is the same and that it's located in a
different place. That's assuming that vendor here refers to the host
... or does it refer to the publisher? Host would be better I think, as
there is generally only one publisher for a given resource, but the
host can often be any one of a number of service providers. (eg. APA
publishes PsycINFO ,which can be hosted by EBSCO, ProQuest, OVID, etc.)

There are complications arising from the fact that what constitutes a
"database" can be fairly fluid. eg. databases that consist of multiple
possible collections (thinking here of something like ProQuest's
Canadian Newsstand, which can be any or all of a number of regional
newspaper collections), or ebook databases like netLibrary. Not sure
how those kinds of content variations could be reflected in a standard
ID, or even if they should be.


On 4-Mar-05, at 6:10 AM, Ross Singer wrote:

> Thom,
> This is good news.  Whenever I think about this, I picture it looking
> something like a DOI:  like dbID:vendorID or something, but I don't
> know.  Do you have any details?
> Thanks,
> -Ross.
> Hickey,Thom wrote:
>> There's been some talk around here at OCLC about doing something about
>> this, especially to identify database-collections, which seem to be
>> entities people worry about too.
>> --Th
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>> Is anybody aware of any type of standard identifier for databases?  Or
>> any movement to create one?
>> Matching on name seems very backwards.
>> If there's not a group trying to create said authority, how could
>> something like that be started?  Would anybody else see value in this?
>> Thanks,
>> -Ross.
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