Well, CUFTS is probably not an option, for various reasons.

This seems like something that probably should be extended to the
cataloging community at this point.  It's technically simple
enough to create a registry of the resources, but if it didn't go
into catalogs/databases/etc., there's no point in even pursuing
this.  If only our local apps were to use this, it wouldn't be
worth the effort to maintain it.

I think we've seen enough interest in the code4lib arena to be
able to make a claim to its usefulness in a technical sense.

To the OCLC folks, does this seem similar to what you're working
on? (am I just making this up?)

IESR is a definite possibility.  In fact, it looks like there'd be
a ton of uses.  I have to admit that I'm not entirely sure what
all I am looking at, but is there a way to relate similar
collections together in it?

Is it strictly UK?  The current metadata seems pretty heavily
UK-centric.  How would "database concordance" occur? (i.e. = Do UK catalogs have any reference to
these items?  Is there any effort to attain that?

For simplicity, I like the DLF style db:vendor:collection registry
concept (add a name authority and you're set!), but I'd naturally
lean towards anything that has any momentum already in progress.

How do we get this to the catalogers?


On Tue, March 15, 2005 2:25 pm, rob caSSon said:
>> No, that's the part that is likely to vary among systems. Using
>> would give us at least an openly available source of IDs, with
>> broad
>> coverage - son-of-JAKE. Those of us who are committed to
>> proprietary
>> systems like SFX would have to work out linkages from the CUFTS
>> id for a
>> given resource to the SFX id.
> i'm working on something currently that would benefit greatly from
> this....would the CUFTS folks be willing to share their internal
> IDs
> right now?  are they even suitable for use outside of CUFTS?  are
> you
> simply using some control number in your vendor table?
> anyway, i can get by using my own IDs, but was just wondering if I
> could
> begin this project with at least SOME interoperability from the
> get-go.....
> (and sorry if i've duplicated previous posts....been only
> passively
> monitoring most of my lists lately...a bit busy...)
> rob
> miami university
> oxford, oh

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