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> This is interesting and gave me an idea for a project I have been
> working on.  Can anyone on the list point me to some Mozilla FireFox
> information for how to construct what the UI calls "sidebars", e.g.,
> View->Sidebar.  It's not the same as a search plug-ins, but I'm looking
> for information of Sidebars and I also wouldn't mind some pointers to
> creating search plug-ins.
> Thanks, Andy.

Hello Andy,

I am a librarian at the University of Padua (Italy) and it is about two weeks I
am developing on my spare time a Library Toolbar for my patrons.
You can find it, download it and install it as a regular Firefox extension on
this temporary page:
<a href=""></a>

To build a similar toolbar (or a sidebar) for your library you need to know
something about Xul (the xml dialect of Mozilla/Firefox) and about Javascript.
Xul is quite easy to learn if you have previous experience with HTML and CSS.
On my download page you can find links to great tutorials about xul and about
developing a Firefox extension, in particular I recommend these readings:
- <a
- <a

Here you'll find also links to few other examples of library toolbars/sidebars.

Day after day my toolbar is growing big and maybe now it is too complex to adopt
it as a starting point to develop your own; if you want to download a more
simple one look at the "Changelog" and you'll find a simple version in an early
stage of development.

Mozilla and Firefox are great pieces of software to play with, I hope you'll try
and develop your own library extension!


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