Sayeed--Im excited we at last have this announcement  "out there."   I
have also decided that I am going to have be fairly adamant about
reallocations in FY06 so that we can get a couple of more people in LDP.
 I do not believe we can, or should have to, totally self-fund the
repository work, but we cannot remain idle on this front while we await
manna from heaven.

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Dear Colleagues,

I would appreciate if you would share the job posting available at:

within your institutions and with individuals who might be interested
in such a position.  We are hoping to attract qualified candidates who
will help us advance our repository development efforts and provide
general system administration capabilities.  Thanks.


Sayeed Choudhury
Associate Director for Library Digital Programs
Hodson Director of the Digital Knowledge Center
Sheridan Libraries
Johns Hopkins University
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