Denise, We record structural metadata for the significant parts of the book
or score we are digitizing.  We record in tabular format manually, but I
would like to add that we ask subject specialists to add content features
to the pagination structure.  For instance, our music bibliographer added
the movements to the Chopin scores so that page and feature appear for
navigation as in:

We have done something similar for our online Goodspeed Manuscript pilot in
another interface which we are continuing to develop and refine (we would
like to make navigation of the images on the pages clearer):

Pull down from the bar at the top.


At 12:48 PM 4/6/2005, Denise Troll Covey wrote:

>Is anyone capturing structural metadata to facilitate navigation of
>digitized books (for example, navigating chapter by chapter, or navigating
>a list of figures or tables)?  If you are aware of anyone doing this work,
>please contact me.  I need to talk to someone with hands-on experience.
>Thank you.
>Denise Troll Covey
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>Carnegie Mellon University Libraries
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Kathleen E. Arthur
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