I don't know if this fits the model that you're looking for, but we've
designed our delivery system to take advantage of the structure encoded for
books in TEI files.  We generate tables of contents based on <divs> and
provide navigation between chapters, and navigate between pages based on
<pb> tags that include IDs for page images.  We have used TEI this way
for  books with transcriptions and page images, and for books that only
have page images.


At 01:48 PM 4/6/2005, you wrote:

>Is anyone capturing structural metadata to facilitate navigation of
>digitized books (for example, navigating chapter by chapter, or navigating
>a list of figures or tables)?  If you are aware of anyone doing this work,
>please contact me.  I need to talk to someone with hands-on experience.
>Thank you.
>Denise Troll Covey
>Principal Librarian for Special Projects
>Carnegie Mellon University Libraries
>4909 Frew St., Hunt Library
>Pittsburgh, PA  15213
>412-268-2793 (fax)

Leslie Johnston
Director, Digital Access Services
University of Virginia Library
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