This is to alert DLF member libraries to a pilot preconference at ALA being
organized to help libraries implementing E-resource Management Systems
analyze license documents for entry into those systems. The workshop is
planned for about 50 participants, and representatives from the major ILS
vendors and libraries working on implementing their ERMs expect to be there.
Since this is a pilot undertaking, the organizing group would especially
like to encourage participation from people with substantial licensing and
some ERM experience.

A link to the preconference registration page can be found at end of this


Tim Jewell
DLF ERMI Project Coordinator


Reading and Mapping License Language for Electronic Resource Management:
A Pilot ARL/DLF Workshop

ALA Annual 2005 Preconference
Friday, June 24, 2005
8:30 - 12:00 noon

Over the last several years academic libraries have spent more and more on
licensed resources, and librarians have acquired knowledge and skills in
understanding and negotiating license terms. Keeping track of such important
terms as whether and how a given e-journal may be used for such functions as
Interlibrary Loan and Course Packs has proven difficult, but many libraries
have now purchased or are considering E-Resource Management Systems (ERMs)
and services that support such tracking. One major challenge faced by
libraries now is how to efficiently and effectively analyze their license
files and summarize key points for their ERMs, and how or whether such
summaries can be shared more widely. While publishers, vendors, and
libraries need to continue working toward greater standardization and
clarity in license terms, the need is also rapidly building for librarians
to be trained in a new professional skill and practice: how to analyze and
concisely summarize key license terms.

This small-scale, pilot workshop is designed to begin addressing this need,
and should be useful for librarians working in institutions using any ERM
system modeled after the Digital Library Federations Electronic Resource
Management Initiative (ERMI) documents. Aimed primarily at librarians having
substantial experience with licensing issues but strongly welcoming the
participation of vendors and publishers, the workshop will begin with brief
overviews of ERM developments and the problem of license standardization.
Following that, a subset of the DLF ERMI Data Elements and Data Dictionary
aimed at capturing permitted and restricted uses of licensed products will
be presented, along with an analysis of segments of the CLIR/DLF Model
License using these elements. Following a break, meeting participants will
work in groups to analyze additional licenses and then reconvene to compare
notes, consider issues and discuss further steps. The main outcomes for
participants will be experience in mapping license language to the ERMI
element subset and the opportunity to provide advice and guidance on whether
to develop the pilot workshop into a standardized continuing education


Ivy Anderson (Harvard)
Adam Chandler (Cornell)
Trisha Davis ( Ohio State University)
Sharon Farb (UCLA)
Tim Jewell ( University of Washington)
Chamya Kincy, (UCLA)
Linda Miller (Library of Congress)
Angela Riggio (UCLA)


8:30 - 8:45
Welcome and Overview of ERM Developments
Tim Jewell

8:45 - 9:00
Toward Simpler and Clearer License Terms
Trisha Davis

9:00 - 9:45
ERMI Terms of Use Subset
Demonstration: Mapping from the CLIR/DLF Model License to the ERMI terms
Linda Miller
Sharon Farb
Chamya Kincy
Angela Riggio

9:45 - 10:45
Group Work: Participants at each table will analyze a pre-selected license
and map it to the ERMI Terms of Use Subset
Preconference organizers will facilitate, gather and respond to questions,

10:45 - 11:45
Presentation of licenses summarized in III ERM and ExLibrisVerde;
Group reporting out and discussion
Trisha Davis
Ivy Anderson

11:45 - noon
Wrap-up, evaluation and next steps
Tim Jewell

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