Hi, Vishwam,

I'd be very interested in any general insights or suggestions you have
based on your experiences developing these toolbars.  My library has a
relatively small group of regular users, most of whom use IE, and I'd love
to be able to offer an easy-to-install toolbar that would allow them to
search the catalog directly from their browsers.  We use Voyager from
Endeavor, and it's easy enough to add a search box to our homepage using
the GET function.  (See here for an example:  Note that that's not my
library, but they also use Voyager.  I'm going to add a search box like
that to our homepage in the near future.)  Ideally, the toolbar I'd roll
out would offer the same functionality as that search box, if at all

I installed the Google Deskbar on my office computer and was able to
configure it to search our catalog directly, but I'd rather create an
easy-to-install-and-use toolbar for IE.  Given the extreme limitations of
my programming skills (i.e. I really don't have any yet), this may be a
pipedream.  I searched the archives of the Voyager users group listserv,
and couldn't find any examples of this kind of functionality developed by

Any suggestions would be appreciated!

Ron Coleman
Systems Librarian
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
100 Raoul Wallenberg Place, SW
Washington, DC  20024

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I haven't played much with browser toolbars, but I wrote search plugins
for mozilla browsers. These are like Google, Amazon, Yahoo.. etc which
comes with firefox by default. Our catalog search plugins are at

If you are looking some thing like this, I'd be happy to share my


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> How does one go about creating a browser toolbar? You know. Things
> likethe Google or Yahoo toolbars.
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