What do you perceive as the advantages and disadvantages of using Perl
versus a Web Services approach to looking up words in WordNet?

Here at Notre Dame we plan to exploit WordNet [1] to facilitate a Find
More Like This One service against searches of a bibliographic index.
We plan to write this service in Perl and there are two Perl modules
[2, 3] with interfaces to WordNet. There is also a Web Services-based
interface to WordNet [4].

Consequently, I have two questions. First, do you have any experience
using either one of these Perl modules?

Second, I could pull my WordNet data from the WordNet files via Perl,
or I could pull my WordNet data from the Web Service. Which might be
better in the long run? If I use the Perl approach I may be able to be
more granular in my data extraction. If I use the Web Services approach
then I am less dependent on a particular API.

[1] WordNet -
[2] Lingua-Wordnet -
[3] WordNet-QueryData -
[4] WordNet Web Service -

Eric Lease Morgan
University Libraries of Notre Dame

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