On May 10, 2005, at 8:19 PM, Hickey,Thom wrote:

> Here are some thoughts about what we might do next with our xISBN
> service (see and
>   * ISBN to author/title
>   * Adding 'distinctive' information to the response to help selection
>   * xOCLC: take in an OCLC number and return the OCLC numbers in its
> FRBR work-set
>   * xLCCN: do the same thing for LCCNs
>   * xISSN: do the same thing for ISSNs
>   * SOAP wrappers around everything
>   * Expose it all via OpenURL 1.0
> Any ideas about what you would use?  Something else along these lines?

I see most of these tasks as examples/implementations of a Find More
Like This One service. "I have this record that I like, now find more
more similar to it." These services could be implemented in a number of

1. A REST-ful target would be created in each library that could accept
xISBN queries.

2. REST-ful URLs could be embedded in HTML files pointing to the

3. Like your toolbar links, people could view Web pages and click the
toolbar links to "find more like this one"

I like #3 the most. I think we as libraries need to be creating things
akin to Google and Yahoo toolbars for our local clientele. These
toolbars would enable things like xISBN- and Wag The Dog-like services
for our users wherever their Web browser takes them.

Eric Lease Morgan
University Libraries of Notre Dame