Since the xISBN service is at the 'work' level, I'm not sure what the
MARCXML would look like.  Some sort of work-level record might be a
possibility, though.


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On May 10, 2005, at 8:19 PM, Hickey,Thom wrote:
>     * ISBN to author/title
>     * Adding 'distinctive' information to the response to help
> selection
>     * xOCLC: take in an OCLC number and return the OCLC numbers in its
> FRBR work-set
>     * xLCCN: do the same thing for LCCNs
>     * xISSN: do the same thing for ISSNs
>     * SOAP wrappers around everything
>     * Expose it all via OpenURL 1.0

How about xISBN, xOCLC & xISSN provide MARCXML or MODS output?