On Thu, 9 Jun 2005, Eric Lease Morgan wrote:

> Decreasingly can we expect people to come to our website for data.
> Instead we must figure out ways to insert our data and services into
> their space. These sorts of plug-ins -- gadgets -- represent a way to
> accomplish this goal.
> "Can you say, 'Top Technology Trend?'"

Actually this trend worries me a bit.  We're already seeing adds inserted
into RSS feeds (Microsoft adds in the Freshmeat RSS, for instance).  Any
technology that can be inserted into the user's space (albeit with some
cooperation from the user) will be more abused the more popular it gets
until we'll end up having to block it.  Anyone remember email?

The real lesson of browser extensions is the power of making your Web
content available in other forms than HTML for the visual Web browser.
People won't stop coming, they'll just stop coming with only IE.  They
will send their agents.  It's not as urgent that we build those agents for
them as it is urgent that our data and services welcome those agents when
they get here.


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