The fact that the XMLHttpRequest is a de facto standard and not an
actual standard worries me though, with out being accepted by the w3c,
it seems like a very volatile technology.  But if google is using it, i
guess we are safe. :)

I'd be interested to see some examples if you create any.


Eric Lease Morgan wrote:

> Ajax is a thing I'd like to play with more:
> By exploiting a Javascript function called XMLHttpRequest it is
> possible to create Web pages that seem more like desktop applications.
> By not forcing the user to go from page to page to page it is possible
> to keep the attention of users longer as well as provide a more
> interactive experience. The link above describes this in more detail
> and points to a number of Javascript libraries for a number of
> languages enabling you to write such applications more easily.
> FYI.
> --
> Eric Morgan