In my copious spare time, as well as an effort to relieve some
stress, I have been playing with the code4lib mailing list archives,
Hypermail, swish-e, and

Specifically, I have:

   * saved all the code4lib postings as mbox files
   * written a Hypermail configuration file
   * piped all of the mbox files to Hypermail to create sets of valid
XHTML files
   * made the files browsable
   * written a swish-e configuration file
   * indexed the XHTML files with swish-e
   * written an XSLT stylesheet
   * provided access to the index through an SRU interface

It took me a day and a half to initially create the system against my
personal email archives. It took me about thirty minutes to set it up
for the code4lib archives. It is still not extraordinarily pretty,
but I think the system shows a lot of promise for packaging as well
as a possible tutorial for learning about open source software,
mailing list archive administration, indexing, stylesheets, and SRU.
See the following (temporary) URL:

Eric Lease Morgan
University Libraries of Notre Dame