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For those of you following the DO-IT ambitions who would like to support them in an active way, I enclose this latest from Digital Promise.




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Sent: Monday, August 08, 2005 11:35 AM
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Subject: The Time Is Now To DO IT!


Dear DO IT Supporter:


We have great news from Washington!  When Congress returns to work during the first week of September they will be acting on legislation that may well include the new DO IT bills that were introduced in both the House and Senate.  NOW IS THE TIME to express your support of this legislation to your elected officials!  Attached are two letters ready for you to send by fax or e-mail to your Senators and Congressman/woman as soon as possible. We can't emphasize enough how urgent the timing is, even though we may be in the dog days of August, staff are still on hand on the Hill and if your letters arrive quickly they will be read and logged in by the time our issue comes to a vote. If you want any other information please contact us. Go to the Digital Promise website www.digitalpromise.org for the latest news and extensive legislative and policy background. But please, please! open the letters attached here and sign and send them on to help transform education, training and lifelong learning in the 21st Century. We can't DO IT without you and we thank you so much for your time and support.




Anne G. Murphy & Rayne Guilford




Anne G. Murphy, Director

Digital Promise

1717 K Street NW Suite 209
Washington DC  20036

phone and fax 202-244-7959


Rayne Guilford, Deputy Director
Digital Promise
1717 K Street NW Suite 209
Washington DC  20036

phone and fax:  703-749-0447