On behalf of the DLF Fall Forum Program Committee I am pleased to say
that there is now a draft Program available at  (Note: this draft does not yet
reflect the pre- and post-Forum meetings taking place all day Sunday and
Thursday, and on Monday morning and Wednesday afternoon.)

It is another strong set of reports and discussions from a wide range of
digital library activities and spheres of interest.

New this year - in response to comments on the Forum Survey conducted in
the spring at the urging of the DLF Steering Committee - is a New
Attendees' Orientation, in recognition of the fact that we have a
significant number of first-time attendees at each Forum now (a healthy

And a variant this year is a double dose of Birds of a Feather sessions
- these roundtable discussion sessions are often the most useful venue
for a project, idea, or service in development, or for an unfamiliar
concept, and are lively and well-attended. 

Looking forward to seeing many of you in Charlottesville,

Best wishes, 


The DLF Fall Forum 2005 Program Committee

Denise Troll Covey, Carnegie Mellon University 
Ann Lally, University of Washington 
David Seaman, Digital Library Federation 
Sarah Shreeves, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 
Erin Stalberg, University of Virginia 
Jewel Ward, University of Southern California 
Perry Willett, University of Michigan