Germany-based company CCS Content Conversion Specialists GmbH is
offering a hands-on workshop introducing their product docWORKS, a
content-conversion software solution. This workshop will benefit
professionals interested in an integrated in-house solution for
content-conversion projects focused on books and journals. CCS staff
will coach participants through the content conversion process from
image preprocessing, OCR, XML markup to METS/ALTO XML export, and are
encouraged to bring a sample publication to the workshop to work with. 

Attendees will work with the software and leave the workshop with
METS/ALTO XML data plus structured PDF files with hidden text of the
submitted sample material, e.g., TIFF images of a book or journal, up to
but not exceeding 400 pages. This interactive workshop is a great
opportunity for those looking for content-conversion solutions and those
who have already implemented docWORKS and are seeking additional
training. To register for this event, contact Barrie Howard,
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Daniel Lanz from CCS will be conducting the workshop. He is the docWORKS
project manager, and has worked withMore information regarding CCS is
available from If you have specific questions
regarding the workshop, please contact Daniel by e-mail,
[log in to unmask], or telephone, +49 (0) 40 227 130-18. CCS is
engaged in the NDNP project and plans to offer docWORKS for NDNP
compliant content conversion of newspapers, see

The agenda for this workshop is as follows:

Sunday, November 6, 2004, Computer Classroom, Alderman Library, the
University of Virginia

01:30 p.m.--03:00 p.m. General introduction, presentation with overview,
use cases, introduction to the application, etc.
03:00 p.m.--03:30 p.m. Coffee break
03:30 p.m.--05:30 p.m. Interactive training module simultaneously with
breakout sessions for individualized consultation

Best regards,

Barrie L. Howard
Program Associate
Digital Library Federation
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