On Nov 9, 2005, at 7:31 AM, Andrew Nagy wrote:
> Roy, do you feel that XTF is able to give you the performance that you
> are looking for?

So far it has.

> I am currently evaluating my options and am looking at eXist and
> Berekly
> DB.  eXist looks nicer, just because it seems easier to install.
> Can you or anyone else explain how you can tie in an indexer such as
> Lucene/Plucene to an XML database?  Is an indexer necessary if the XML
> DB implementation already has an indexer?  It seems that everyone who
> replied to my original message is using some sort of indexer in top of
> their XML DB, why?

Well, we don't use a database at all, it really is just indexing. An
index, after all, can "act" like a database for many purposes. Where
an index falls down is in high transaction rate applications, but
that hasn't so far been the problem we need to solve.

> We are also thinking about how to store the status information
> (available or checked out).  How, where and when do we store this
> information?  Do we grab it every 30 minutes and add it to the XML
> database?  Do we store the info in a seperate DB, etc.

I would say status information, that is likely to change on a regular
basis, really does belong in a database rather than an index
(reference comment above). But that's just my opinion.