On Nov 18, 2005, at 2:21 PM, Andrew Nagy wrote:
> Neat, are there any topics yet decided?  What topics are you looking
> for, any suggested topics?

Well it's all very amorphous right now. Some ideas and suggestions
for keynotes have be thrown out on the list. Basically if it involves
computer technology and issues of interest to libraries/archives it's
fair game.  The hope is that we might attract people from outside of
library academia as the term "libraries" and "archives" are
meant to be fuzzy. As the wiki shows there are 4 different levels of

        - keynotes (45min)
        - prepared talks (20min)
        - lightning talks (5-10min)
        - breakouts (get down to coding with other folks)

Jeremy is tabulating the results of the conference name vote as this
is written. For updates on this stuff and more definitely subscribe
to the public convention planning list, and send an introduction or