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The latest from our friends at the Digital Opportunity Investment Trust, of which DLF is an ally.


DO IT Concept Supported by Many on Commerce and Still in Play as Budget Process Continues


Dear Members of Digital Promise:


            This has been a rollicking fall on Capitol Hill as all who are watching know, but through the mighty efforts of our coalition leadership DO IT has gained additional and quite extraordinary support and we have made headway with the legislation in spite of the strict budget process that is still underway.


            Of particular note is that Internet Pioneer Vint Cerf, a Presidential Medal of Freedom Award winner for being one of the original founders of the Internet, has added his voice in strong support of creating DO IT in a recent letter to House Commerce Committee Chairman Joe Barton (letter attached).  In his letter Mr. Cerf says that DO IT can yield enormous public benefits and would reshape learning opportunities for all Americans; he clearly points out that a focused federal research investment in DO IT is essential for maintaining America’s economic leadership and security.  We urge you to read the letter and use it as part of any communications you are planning with your elected officials or association membership. This letter is particularly helpful in answering the question of why investment in R&D for DO IT must be made even when facing budget shortfalls, disaster relief and war spending.


            The DTV bill currently included in the overall Budget Reconciliation package is a sparse budget vehicle that does not contain DO IT or any other new policy initiatives. Predictions on whether the Budget Reconciliation bill will pass change every day and in anticipation of a stalemate, both House and Senate Commerce Committees are gearing up for new comprehensive telecommunications policy work that represents another excellent opportunity to launch DO IT.


            Awareness and support for DO IT by all Commerce Committee Members is increasing.  A provision to help launch DO IT was included in early versions of the current DTV bills in both the House and Senate.  But we need your help to build this growing bipartisan group of DO IT supporters on the key Committees.  If you are represented by a Member of the House or Senate Commerce Committees (see attached list) we urgently ask that you review the sample letters (attached) and send a personalized version to your Representative/Senator.  Better yet, a personal phone call or meeting in addition to written communication would be enormously meaningful at this time. All Members will be returning to their districts first for Thanksgiving and then for the winter holidays. Adding your voice at this time is absolutely critical!


If you have any questions, concerns or want the very latest information we can provide, please do not hesitate to contact us at:   [log in to unmask]


Again, thank you for all of your help!


Larry Grossman & Newt Minow



Anne Murphy



Rayne Guilford

Deputy Director                     


Digital Promise Project

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