Roy, any word on your server specs?

Does anyone else have an index of XML records for their catalog?  If so,
how well equipped is your server?  I am concerned that an extremely
large XML index will need LOTS of RAM.


Roy Tennant wrote:

> Short answer now, longer/better answer next week when someone gets
> back in the office. We have 4.5 million records indexed at the
> moment, but have had up to 9 million indexed. Our dev system runs on
> a Unix server (specs to come) that runs other apps as well. I'm not
> sure if we can share the crude search interface so you can judge the
> response, but will try to find out.
> Roy
> On Dec 2, 2005, at 12:36 PM, Andrew Nagy wrote:
>> Roy Tennant wrote:
>>> Andrew, just as an additional data point, we have millions of records
>>> indexed in our Lucene-based XTF system, and the response isn't too
>>> bad even on a development server.
>> Can you and others on this list briefly describe your hardware
>> platform
>> for this?  I am assuming this is not running on an old 486 that is
>> lying
>> around in your office :)
>> Do you feel that the searching is processor intensive and may be best
>> suited for a load balanced infrastructure?  I am implementing my pilot
>> using eXist which stores the XML Database in B Trees which from my
>> knowledge is an in memory data structure so therefor the machine would
>> need lots of ram however I am curious as to the processing
>> requirements.
>> Thanks, you guys rock!
>> Andrew