I am considering sending one or two tutorial or workshop proposals to
ECDL 2006, and I would like your opinion.

Tutorials are "intended to present a topic in detail over either a
half-day or full day", and workshops "provide a platform for
presenting novel ideas in an informal and focused way ... encouraging
information sharing and discussion ... rather than presentation of
information." For more detail, see:

Possible titles for tutorials I have come up with include:

   * Creating and maintaining digital libraries with MyLibrary
   * Exploiting open source tools to create and distribute TEI/XML
   * Putting SRU into practice

Some workshop titles include:

   * Implementing an institutional repository
   * What are the defining characteristics of digital libraries?
   * Outlining functions provided by digital library registries

Based on your experience, what makes for successful tutorials and/or
workshops, and of the titles listed above, which ones seem to be most
likely to get accepted?

Eric Lease Morgan