Call for Proposals

34th Museum Computer Network Conference
Access to Assets: Return on Investment
November 8-11, 2006
Pasadena, CA

Proposal Deadline: February 16, 2006
Proposal Submission Forms:

At MCN 2006, we will explore ways we've found to demonstrate useful,  
successful methods for accessing technology; we'll share our  
challenges and triumphs as we network together to creatively and  
effectively improve our bottom lines. We'll discuss the many ways  
we've found to maximize the compelling value of our technology  
collateral, keeping in mind that the bottom line is not always  
financial, sometimes it's intellectual, and sometimes, it's just for  
the greater good.

Proposals will be accepted in one of the following three formats:  
panels, workshops, or roundtables. Each session must have a  
chairperson responsible for finding other speakers and coordinating  
logistics. All chairs must be affiliated with an institutional member  
of MCN or be an individual MCN member. Topics for the sessions should  
fall into at least one of the categories listed on the proposal form.  
All proposals for sessions and/or workshops must be submitted on the  
Call for Proposals form. To obtain  more specific information, visit  
the MCN website,

Thanks to everyone who participated in MCN 2005.  Copies of  
presentations are now available on the MCN website for all of you who  
were not able to attend.

MCN 2006